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  • Divorce, Remarriage and relationships
    • divorce
      • God said 'I hate divorce'
      • 'do not commit adultery'
        • Jesus said adultery was grounds for divorce
      • RC accepts people may divorce which is a legal matter
        • However they are still seen as married because it is a sacrament that cannot be undone. To remarry is a sin.
        • In some extreme situations the pope may grant annulment
      • CofE may say that a divorce is although never encouraged, is sometimes the most loving thing
      • 'agape'
      • situation ethics
      • 'what God has joined let no man seperate
    • remarriage
      • Jesus said adultery was grounds for divorce
      • RC say that if a person remarries they are not allowed to receive the communion
    • sexual relationships
      • sex must happen as part of a marriage
        • 'one flesh'
      • 'silver ring thing'
        • RC teaches abstinance
      • most important part of any relationship is agape (unselfish love)
        • main purpose of marriage is to procreate.
      • Cohabitation and Fornication
        • some churches allow this, others do not.
    • Contraception
      • Imago Dei
      • RC only natural methods of contraception are acceptable
      • RC anything that prevents sacred life is wrong
      • Anglican/CofE say either methods of contraception is fine. It is down to the family on how many children they have
    • Sanctity of life
      • Imago Dei
      • 'the body is a temple of the holy spirit'
      • christians believe all life is sacred


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