divisions of the nervous system

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  • divisions of the nervous system
    • Somatic nervous system- Nerves which sends messages from the sense organs to the CNS to  the Muscles and glands
    • autonomic nervous system- body's involuntary activities such as breathing and digestion
    • information conveyed through the NS moves along networks of cells called neurons. These Neurons can only send information one way e.g the sensory neurons and motor  neurons
      • motor (efferent) neurons
      • sensory (afferent)
    • peripheral Nervous system- consists of a network of nerves that connects the rest of the body to the central nervous system
    • sympathetic Division / Branch- arouses an animal for flight or fight
    • parasympathetic divisions/ Branch - returns the body to relaxed stage after the flight or fight response
    • brain- responsible for coordinating sensation, intellectual and the nervous system
    • Spinal cord- connects all parts of the body with the brain


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