the Nervous system

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  • The nervous system
    • The nervous system- allows you to respond to changes in your environment (stimuli) and to coordinate your actions
      • receptors detect stimuli and effectors bring about a response to a stimulus.
        • Effectors; muscle cells and cells found in glands e.g pancreas
        • receptors communicate with effectors via the nervous or endocrine system
    • somatic Nervous system-
      • receives information from the senses and transmits it to the CNS
      • it also transmits information from the CNS to direct movement of muscles
    • autonomic nervous system
      • responsible for vital functions such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion.
      • Transmits info from and to the internal body organs such as the lungs
      • operates involuntary
    • The central nervous system
      • made up of the brain and spinal cord.
      • controls physio-logical processes and behavior
      • works by the brain receiving information from the sensory receptors and be able to send messages to the muscles and glands of the body


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