Diversity of life in micro-organisms

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  • Diversity of life in micro-organisms
    • why classify?
      • Means of seekig order
      • Vast no. of  organisms exist
      • Ensure standardization
        • Taxonomy- Naming organisms
    • How to classify?
      • History
        • 1707-1778
          • Carolus Linnaeus
            • Binomial system- ranks: species genera class and kingdom
        • At first(384-322BC)
          • Similar patterns. From big groups to sub categories- hierachy
            • Aristotle based the first classification on structures, behavior and degree of developement
        • NowÂ
          • Charles darwin
            • showed all organisms have common ancestry
              • 8 ranks: kingdom phylum class order family genera species
      • Methods used
        • common characteristics (homology), similarities in internal and external body structures, development characteristics, genotype
        • *homology structures may look different but are similar as they developed fro same ancestors, anology- body structures may resemble
    • 1969- Robert H. Whittaker
      • 5 kingdoms
        • Bacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia
    • Carl Woese
      • 3 domains- Bacteria, Archae, Eukarya
        • Based on 16s rRNA sequence. these ribosomes o through very slow change.


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