Distribution of Organisms

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  • Distribution of Organisms
    • Live in different places because the environment varies
      • The distribution of an organism is where an organism is found
      • Where an organism is found can depend on
        • Temperature
        • Availability of water
        • Availability of oxygen and carbon dioxide
        • Availabilty of nurtients
        • Amount of light
    • Use quadrats to study the distribution of small organisms
      • A quadrat is a square frame enclosing a known area, to compare how common an organism is in two sample areas
      • 1)Place a 1m square quadrat on the ground at a random point
      • 2)Count all the organisms within the quadrat
      • 3)Repeat the steps 1 and 2 as many times as you can
      • 4)Work out the mean number of organisms per quadrat within the first sample area
      • 5)Repeat steps 1-4 in the second sample area
    • Population size
      • Might be asked to work this out in the exam
      • 1)Work out the mean number of organisms per m sqaure
      • 2) Then multiply the mean by the total area of the habitat


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