Ecosystems and Distribution of Organisms B4

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  • Ecosystems and Distribution of Organisms
    • ecosystems are self supporting
      • an ecosystem is all the organisms living in a particular area, as well as non-living conditions (temp and soil qualities)
      • an ecosystem isn't the same as a habitat (a habitat is the place where an organism lives)
      • Ecosystems are self supporting- they contain everything they need to maintain themselfs
        • the only thing they need from outside the ecosystem is an energy source (the sun)
    • Transects are used to investigate the distribution of organisms
      • Distribution= where organism are found in a particular area
      • to do a transect, you mark out a line using tape measure and place quadrats next to eachother along the line. count and record organisms you find
      • can do a percentage cover if it is too difficult to count the organisms
        • estimate the  area of the transect covered by the organism
      • Plot results in  a kite diagram- allows to map distribution
    • Kite diagrams
      • Show the abundance +  distribution of organisms
      • The  abundance of each organism is shown by the thickness of the kite shape
      • The x-axis shows the distance along the transect line
  • Show the abundance +  distribution of organisms




Information is accurate but it's exactly the same wording as in the CGP GCSE OCR Biology Higher Level book, and so it's kind of just copying...

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