The value of potential life - Different Views

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  • Different views
    • Sanctity of life
      • The idea that life is scared and holy, traditionally understood as given by God
    • Kant
      • He shows a secular idea of the sanctity of life
      • He states that personhood is based on reason, as consciousness and reason are not properties of potential life, then it values diminishes accordingly
    • Peter Singer
      • Called for a shift from the sanctity of life to something more universal
      • This being the value of life
      • Singer did not create a ring fence around humanity, instead talks about the value of all living things
    • Process of evolution
      • Some scientist will argue even though the fetus does not have person status or human rights
      • The fetus is part of the process of 'survival of the fittest', this does not mean it has no value
      • It is the process of evolution and the fetus within it - whether it survives or not - giving the fetus value


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