different kinds of cells

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  • different kinds of cells
    • bacterial cell
      • a single line of chromosomalDNA lies free in the cytoplasm. this carries most of the bacterial genes.
      • cell membrane
      • some bacteria have a flagellum to help them move.
      • many bacteria have a cell wall for protection, but it is made of different substances to plant cell walls.
      • some bacteria have extra circles of DNA called plasmid DNA. Plasmids contain additional genes that are not found in chromosomes.
      • ribosomes are tiny structures that make proteins
    • sperm cell
      • the head contains the genetic material for fertilisation of a haploid nucleus.
      • the acrosome in the head contains enzymes so that the sperm can penetrate an egg.
      • The middle piece is packed with mitochondria to release energy needed to swim and fertilise the egg.
      • The tail enables the sperm to swim.
      • Sperm are the smallest cells in the body and millions of them are made.
    • egg cell
      • The cytoplasm contains nutrients for the growth of the early embryo.
      • The haploid nucleus contains the genetic material for fertilisation.
      • The cell membrane changes after fertilisation by a single sperm so that no more sperm can enter.
      • Eggs are one of the biggest cells in the body and only a few are made.
    • Ciliated epithelial cel
      • Cilia on the surface beat to move fluids and particles up the trachea.


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