Chemistry AS DF CI 4.2

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  • DF Bond Enthalpies CI 4.2
    • Bond Enthalpy and enthalpy cycles
      • Bond enthalpy is the average energy required to break the bonds of 1 mole of gaseous compounds.
      • Bond breaking takes in heat so is positive
      • Bond making gives out heat so is negative
    • The calculated value is not exactly the same as the quoted value because:
      • A bond enthalpy is an average energy needed to break that particular bond and is not specific to the molecule in an equation.
      • Bond enthalpies are for gaseous molecules and this may not be their standard state (the state at 298 K and 1 atm)
    • Bond strengths
      • The greater the bond enthalpy, the stronger the bond.
      • Short bonds are stronger than long bonds.
      • C=C is shorter and stronger than C-C.


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