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Virtue Ethics

Virtue ethics asks what it is to be human and what virtues are required to flourish.

Whilst utilitarianism and deontology are helpful, they demand a large criteria that
Virtue ethics seems to already have, that seems to reflect Christian ethics best.

Virtue Ethics is interested in defining good…

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also vary for all of us. An example of this would be being rude ­ vice of excess,
honesty ­ middle ground, lying ­ vice of deficiency. The middle ground
provides an achievable goal to aim towards. Advises your emotions to make
you more virtuous thus leading to eudaimonia and…

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External goods are rewards associated with internal qualities. I.e a footballers wage.
Internal goods are better as they benefit the whole community rather than just the

Summary: Society needs to reassert Aristotle's moral and intellectual virtues in
society. We value different qualities of character, practices and physical things, and…


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