GEOGRAPHY - paper 2 Development

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  • Development
    • Development is when a country is improving.
      • Economic development: process in economic growth. - measure of how wealthy a country is, level of indstrialisation
      • Social development: improvement in peoples standard of living- better healthcare/ clean water
      • Environment development: advances in managing/ protecting environment - reducing pollution
    • Uneven development: differences in wealth, health & education
      • wealth: more developed countries= higher wealth than less developed
        • Health: better healthcare means people in more developed countries live longer than less developed (life expectancy)
        • Education: higher education in more developed countries
    • measures of development
      • GDP - gross domestic product. Total value of goods/ services a country produces. And GDP per capita
      • GNI - gross national income, measures all products, taxes and foreign income earned by a county. GNI per capita
      • Birth rate, numbers of babies born per thousand per year
      • Death rate
      • Life expectancy
      • Infant mortality rate- number of babies who die under 1 year old
      • Literacy rate- percentage of adults who can read and write
      • Human development index - number calculated by life expectancy and education level. (between 0 ans 1)
      • Happy index - calculated using life expectancy, wellbeing and inequality
    • The improvement of something to become more advances, modern, efficient, changing for the better- all counties strive towards


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