Destress Workout

Quick workout to get those endorphins going and give your brain a break from revision, only to come back refreshed and ready to absorb all that information.

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  • Destress Workout
    • 8 Push-Ups
    • 8 Sumo Goblet Pulses
      • Squats; thrust hips slightly upon coming up
    • 15 Star Jumps 3 Burpees
    • 4 Mountain climbers         2 Sit-Throughs
      • A momentary side plank on both the right and left
    • 8 Plyo Step-Ups
      • Switch fit mid jump
    • 8 Toe Taps
      • Hop from one foot to another having the foot hover over a ball
    • 2 Split Squat Jumps            1 Burpee
      • Jump into a lunge and hold for a few secs per leg
    • 8 Plank Walks
      • Bend each elbow at a time going from forearms to palms
    • 8 Sprinter Sit-Ups
      • Opposite arms and legs in the motion of a sit-up
    • 8 Squat Thrusts
      • Plank to crouch


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