How Siemens supports the 5 pillars

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  • How Siemens supports the pillars
    • COVID 19 Recovery
      • Siemens working towards touchless tech
        • using the cloud more
        • automated door opening and closing
        • contactless/ mobile tickets
        • heating, ventilation and AC with anti COVID19 technology
      • continued to work exactly like HS2 during Covid, worked where they safely could
        • social distancing, correct PPE
        • the projects may be slightly behind, but the UK roadmap is promising
        • there is new contracts for all siemens workers- flexi home/office
          • recognised home working as a viable money saving option
    • Tackling economic equality
      • Siemens strongly follows the UN 18 human right fundamentals
        • these are stated on mobility and global website
      • Poverty forward programmes, tackling the problems in the poorest cities
        • making trains, trams and solutions to problems for the future
        • being cost effective has been announced as an invalid argument against sustainability
          • working with india to transition from road to rail
            • helping the poorest in society to ensure better qual of life and equal opportunity
    • Equal opportunity
      • Siemens winning diversity awards
        • gender pay gap closing promise
          • bids for an inclusive workplace and workforce
          • Siemens, women earn 74p for £1 men earn
          • HS2 women earn 75p for £1 men earn for side by side jobs
        • A member of the disability confident government pact
          • Both siemens and HS2 are a part of this
      • ex offenders
        • CVL in the Wales and West region are trying to initiate this
          • linking up with an ex offenders restaurant in cardiff
      • Ex military
        • GAP IN SIEMENS
    • Wellbeing
      • workshops with Samaritans
      • Wellbeing check ins with staff
      • Zero harm culture- 4 steps to zero harm
      • SFS well being champions- leaders who do a 2 day course for mental and physical wellbeing
      • Healthy employee virtual health assessments available to all staff
      • Helen Marles, workouts and fitness class
      • Huddle culture with Bruce Durham has been adopted
    • Fighting climate change
      • Siemen's environmental portfolio
        • 2 People
          • Diversity award winners
            • future talent, apprenticeshipgrads interns
              • gender pay gap, human rights, modern slavery
              • training and development
        • 3 responsible business practices
          • Corporate citizenship. education, ethical business
            • Responsible supply chain, innovation,tax,volunteering
        • 1Environment
          • Biodiversity, natural capital
          • Carbon neutral, conservation of resources
            • Industrial batteries and waste
      • Siemen's own run environmental programmes
        • Examples: Siemens and VW try smart e-mobility in Rwanda
        • Less waste and water consumption, lower emissions- Helping Coca Cola analyse consumtpion and reduce carbon footprint
        • Creating clean livable cities, less air pollution, filters, gathering real time data
      • Siemen's carbon neutral agreement
        • Facilities and buildings to be Net zero-carbon by 2030
        • Already reduced 54% of carbon footprint
        • Siemens energy efficiency program


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