Pop music



Black American music

Gospel influenced vocals

Large horn section

Emphasis on rhythm section

My lover's prayer- Otis Redding

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R&B influenced with mento rhytms

Heavily influenced by reggae 

Lyrical soulful melodies

Electric guitars and jazzy horn section

Characteristic off-beat jumpy rhythms 

El ***** Cat

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More relaxed than ska 

Two chord sequences

Stresses on beat 2 and 4

Polical themed lyrics

loud bass guitar playing a steady 4/4- prominent 

You can get it if you really want- Desmond Dekker

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slower than ska

verse and chorus form

political themed lyrics

simple chord sequences

electric guitars, keyboards, bass guitar, drums line-up

amplified bass guitar lyrics

characteristic rhytm in 4/4 missing emphasis on first beat

repeated off-beat quavers

use of dub remixing eg: delays or musical parts are muted or replaced

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