Desmond Dekker & the Aces - You Can Get It If You Really Want


Desmond Dekker & the Aces - You Can Get It If You

Stylistic Features: Tijuana Brass, Close harmony, Off-beat guitar rhythm, 'Do-***', Repetitive ideas, B-VOX, Homophonic, Ska & Rocksteady organ line, Mutted rythmic guitar picking,  Medium slow tempo 

Structure: Verse/Chorus/Middle 8, Order reversed to emphasise chorus, Structure defined by chorus repeates, Only contrast is middle 8.

Melody: Hook (F Eb Db), 2nd half chorus uses rest of pentatonic notes, Falsetto notes at end of verses, Syllabic, Phrases begin on 2nd beat of bar, Conjunct

Harmony: Chords in root position, Close harmonies, Parallel chords, Chords  I and V used, Instrumental uses E and D (random) major chords, Non functional, Chorus has a V IV V7 I progression.

Texture: Opening trumpets in unison/3rds, Homorhythmic in chorus, Homophonic in middle 8, Stop-time at end of choruses.

Tonality: Db major NO MODULATIONS, Whole tone scale in middle 8

Rhythm: Emphasis on backbeats, syncopation, bass is on 1st beat, semiquaver tambourines, triplet crotchets on words such as 'try', quadruple rhythm. 

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