Selye's GAS model

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  • Describe Selye's GAS Model (8)
    • What is a stressor?
      • a stressor is a stimulus that casues stress on th body
    • What does GAS stand for?
      • G - General, meaning that we respond to all stressful stimuli
      • A - Adaption, is the healthiest way to deal witht the stress although not n the long run
      • S- Syndrome, there is a group of symptoms present
    • Research on rats
      • shared a common set of symptoms
      • rats were exposed to cold, surgical injury, spinal shock, doses of morphine, adrenaline and formaldehyde
    • Stages
      • Stage 1 - Alarm Reaction
        • the threat or stressor is recognised and a respnse is made. The hypothamus in the brain triggers the production of adrenaline from the adrenal glands
          • this increases heart rate, sweaty palms and fast breathing (ight or flight)
      • Stage 2 - Resistance
        • If the stress continues the body finds new ways to cope. Although the body appears to copebut resources deplete
      • Stage 3 - Exhaustion
        • initial symptoms reapear. Immune system cannot cope with production f cortisol. Result is stress related illnesses such as depression, cardiovascular problems and mental illness


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