Democratic Socialism


Ideologies 3B

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  • Democratic Socialism
    • British Socialism
    • Was not influenced by Marxist ideas
    • British Labour has always understood the importance of class differences
      • Could only be elected if it governed the interests of the whole of society
    • Possible to serve interest of both conflicted classes
    • Moderate movement, pursued social justice
    • Accepts Free- Market
    • 1945-1970 Democratic Socialism principles:
      • Defence of Parliamentary system of Government
      • Equal rights and opportunities
      • State control of large industries controls monopoly industires
      • Provision of welfare
        • Range of personal services
          • Subsidized housing
          • Social services
          • Public health measures
      • Redistribution of wealth through taxation & Welfare system
      • Defence of powerful Trade unions & Workers rights
      • A middle ground could be found between Free- Market capitalism and Social Justice
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