Defying Gravity GCSE Music

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  • Defying Gravity
    • Tonality
      • Major and Minor tonalities used throughout the piece
      • Augmented chords are used
      • half diminished chords, where the 5th is flattened
      • Mainly D Major however shifts to G major and Bb Major
    • Melody
      • Usage of leitmotifs
      • Most important melody based on 'somewhere over the rainbow'
      • 'Unlimited theme'
      • D, E, F#, G
      • Perfect 4th s and 5ths create the main melodic material
      • The 4ths and 5ths create a strong assertive melody
    • Structure
      • Verse and Chorus structure
      • Quite Extended
    • Articulation
      • Full range is used
      • Morcato stabbed chords to legato
      • three note ostinato recurring, staccato
    • Dynamics
      • Full range is used
    • Rhythm and Metre
      • Slow chordal accompaniment and driving quaver rhythm
      • Melody is syncopated and RUBATO is used
      • Heavy percussion emphasises the rhythm
    • Instrument
      • Traditional instruments and classical instruments
      • Unusual musical techniques used eg, palm muting, flange, e-bow
    • Texture
      • Starts of homophonic
      • monophonic lines from the witches
      • Melody dominated homophony
      • Polyphonic texture at the chorus


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