Sociology Unit 3 - Definitions of Religion.

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  • Definitions Of Religion
    • Substantive
      • What the religion IS
      • Exclusive
      • Weber
        • "Belief in a supernatural power that is above nature and cannot be explained scientifically."
    • Functional
      • What the Religion DOES
      • Durkheim
        • Defines Religion as the contribution it makes to social integration
      • Yinger
        • Identifies functions that Religion performs for individuals such as answering "Ultimate Questions"
      • Inclusive
    • Social Constructionist
      • Adopts Interpretivist Approach
      • Aldridge
        • Looks at the meanings to the individual
      • Belief
        • The feeling of certainty that something exists or is true
      • Superstition
        • Belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event
      • Magic
        • An Art that by the use of spells invokes supernatural powers to influence events
      • Supernatural
        • A being or beings, power or force beyond the laws of nature
      • Sacred
        • Things set apart that invoke feeling or Respect
      • Rationalisation
        • Webers idea. Rational calculations and thinking replaced traditional society of mystery and magic


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