Gender conventions- All My Sons and A Doll's House

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Gender conventions- All My Sons

  • Kate portrayed as weak, and needs Joe ad Chris' support because she is emotional, however in the end she appears stronger than Joe
  • Lydia is shown to be incompitent...
  • Sue baylis relys on her husband completely
  • Chris is growing into the convention to serve Ann
  • george tries to control Ann, because he is her brother, and disagrees with her proposed marriage
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Gender conventions- A Doll's House

  • Mrs Linde starts to defy gender conventions by working to support herself in an era where few women worked and those who did were significantly lower paid than men.
  • Nora satisfys gender conventions in this era by being the submissive housewife for Torvald
  • Maid is female
  • Torvald is the powerful figure for Nora
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