Death rate

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  • Death rate
    • The number of deaths per 1000 of the population per year
      • declined- 1900-19 2012-8.9
    • reasons
      • public health measures
        • gov more central and enforces laws, eg improved housing
      • Trantor- less disease
        • 3/4 decline in death rate due to decline in death from disease, more resistant
      • improved nutrition
        • increases resistance and chances of survival
      • medical improvements
        • 1060's improved medical knowledge, techniques and organisations to reduce deaths (blood transfusions)
      • NHS
        • 1948- surgery and other developments reduced heart disease by 1/3
      • smoking and diet
        • Harper- reduction in smokers, less people die due to obesity due to drug therapies- expensive
    • effects
      • Increases life expectancy
        • how long on average a person born in a given year is expected to live
          • 1900-        M-50 W-57             2013         -M-91 W-94
      • decline IMR
      • decline TFR
      • dependency ratio
    • Ageing population
      • average age of UK population is increasing 1971- 34 2013-40
      • due to
        • declining IMR
        • increased life expectancy
        • declining fertility and birth rates
      • new marketplace for the old, beneficial for the family, enjoy retirement, pensions, NHS, reduced taxes
    • Ageism
      • negative stereotypes and unequal treatment of people based on age
      • traditional society
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