Death Penalty

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  • Death Penalty
    • Against
      • Doesn't allow person to reform or retribute.
      • God gives life so only he should take it away.
      • Could have been mistaken, but once suspect is killed as a punishment too late.
      • All life is sacred, and a gift from God.
      • Islam is about Peace so it shows fairness to forgive offenders.
      • It won't help the family, instead 'blood money' shall be given - so loss of indivdiual is claimed.
      • May involve some circumstances the person may no be mentally stable. Treatment shall be offered not death - 'Someone who saves a lift is as if he save the life of the whole of mankind'.
    • For
      • Corporal Punishment effective in countries like Saudi Arabia.
      • 'Take not life which Allah has made sacred, except by the way of justice and law'.
      • Vindication, Protection, Deterrance
      • Brings peace to family who may have lost a loved one
      • Shari'ah Law - law from Qur'an supports idea of justice and fairness
      • 'A life for a life..' Fair method of justice.


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