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  • Capital Punishment
    • The death penalty is still legal in many countries including the USA(37/50 states), Iran, Libya, Rwanda, North Korea and 65 other countries worldwide
    • Modern methods of capital punishment
      • lethal injection
      • electric chair
      • firing squad
      • gas chamber
      • beheading
    • capital punishment in the UK was abolished in 1969 permanently
      • in 1999 britain signed the european convention on human rights which sated the death penalty could not be reintroduced
    • crimes that lead to the death penalty in the us
      • first degree murder
      • treason
      • capital drug trafficking
      • capital sexual battery
      • aggravated kidnapping
      • aircraft hijacking
      • perjury resulting in death
      • aggravated **** of victin under age 12
      • captial sexual assault
    • arguments for the death penalty
      • retribution- 'a life for a life'
      • deterrence- the death penalty deters people from committing horrendous crimes because they know if they get caught they'll die
      • protection- the public needs to be protected  because those who are given life sentences are often let out after about 15 years
      • it costs tax payers thousands to keep murderers in prison
    • arguments against the death penalty
      • mistakes - innocent people have been executed before
      • protection - putting murderers in prison protects society
      • only god has the right to end someones life


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