Crime and Punishment

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  • Crime and Punishment
    • Capital Punishment- Muslim attitudes
      • Qur'an says death penalty can be forgiven for some crimes.
        • Mohammed made many statements that showed he agreed with the death penalty.
          • When Mohammed was leader he sentenced people to death for murder himself.
      • Qur'an says death penalty should be considered doesn't have to be used
        • Qur'an gives strict conditions for death penalty that are rarely used
          • In some countries the Sha'riah law is not applied properly-trial not fair
    • Capital Punishment- Christian Attitudes
      • Old testament teaches it should be used for some crimes
        • Christian should accept the laws of the goverment
          • Jesus never taught that the death penalty was wrong
      • It goes against the sanctity of life
        • Jesus taught to save and reform people
          • Jesus taught revenge was wrong "eye for eye tooth for tooth"


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