Death and the Afterlife

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  • Death and the Afterlife
    • Predestination
      • The Christian teaching that God choses and guides some people (‘the elect’) to eternal salvation
    • Original Sin
      • A state of wrongdoing in which people are born because of the sin of Adam & Eve.
    • Unlimited Election
      • The view that God chooses only a small number of people for heaven.
    • Disembodied Existence
      • Existing without a physical body
    • Universalism
      • The view that all people will be saved
    • Ressurection
      • Living on after death in a glorified new form
    • Election
      • Predestination chosen by God for heaven or hell.
    • Purgatory
      • A place where people go temporarily after death to be cleansed of sin before they are fit to live with God
    • Single Predestination
      • God elects or predestines the righteous to heaven & eternal life but the wicked select hell for themselves
    • Particular Judgement
      • Judgement for each person at the point of death
    • Beatific Vision
      • The final and perfect state of everlasting happiness & knowledge of God – face to face encounter with God
    • Eschatology
      • Discussion of the last things - Judgement Day
    • Double Predestination
      • God elects or predestines the righteous for heaven & eternal life & condemns sinners to hell
    • Heaven and Hell
      • Actual, Spiritual, Symbol of moral life
        • Matthew 5-7
          • "Your reward in heaven "
          • Parable of the sheep & goats
            • Before him all the nations will be gathered, and he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats


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