Death and Dying

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  • Death and Dying
    • A good death
      • Awareness of dying
      • Personal preparation
        • Prepare will
      • Public preparation
        • Sort out finances
      • Relinquishing formal work roles
      • Formal and informal farewells
    • Customs facilitate social death following biologicl death
      • Social death  (isolation and lonliness) can preceed biological death
    • There has been a decline in public space death
      • People rarely see dead bodies today
    • Natural death  is coming to an end
      • Medicalisation - more people dying noiselessly and hygienically
    • Iatrogenesis - undermines peoples ability to manage to their own health
    • Overtreatment  and heroic medicine has confused dying with illness
    • Most hospices are in charitable sectors and spaces are limited


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