Negative impacts of hospitalisation

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  • Negative impacts of hospitalisation on the patient
    • Unfamiliar hospital environment
      • Lack of privacy
      • Beeping machines and constant monitoring
      • White coat syndrome
      • Social support from other patients
      • Up to 30 members of staff seen per day
    • Entering into the role of the patient
      • Getting frequently examined by doctors
      • Wearing bed clothes during the day
      • Lack of control over meal times, light out, visitors
    • Instituitionalisation
      • In hospital, roles of the patient are reduced compared to living at home
        • Hard for the patient to adapt to normal life again
    • Loss of control
      • Types of control
        • Behavioural
          • Teaching the patient to role over without breaking stitches
        • Cognitive
          • Reinforcing through cognitive behavioural therapy
        • Informational
          • Heart Manual
      • Recovery locus of control scale
        • High internal locus of control
          • Better recovery as they perceive their actions as having greater impacts
        • High external locus of control
          • No control over their own recovery so poor treatment adherence
      • Organisationally desirable - everyone eats at the same time
      • Reactance when they think it is not necessary
    • Depersonalisation
      • Not treated as a person
        • The stomach ulcer in bed nine
      • Treated as not being present
        • "He directed all questions to Daniel in the operation"
      • So that  the patient doesn't interfere
      • To deal with dying and deteoriation
      • Stressed = less personalised care


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