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  • Databases
    • Flat-File
      • Advantages
        • Easy to set up
        • All records are stored in one place
        • Cheaper than a relational database
      • Disavantages
        • Data stored could be duplicated
        • No flexibility in data storage
        • Harder to search for specific information
      • Contains only one table of informartion
      • E.g. Itunes
    • Relational
      • Advantages
        • No Data Duplication
        • Data may be combined more flexibly
        • Data integrity is maintained
        • Much easier to search for specific information
      • Disadvantages
        • Hard to set up
        • More expensive than flat-files
        • Inappropriate for simple lists
      • Data is stored in 2 or more tables with links between them
        • Relationships can be one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many
      • E.g. A database about tools, customers and rentals
    • A database is a large collection of organised data


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