A large collection of data items and links between them, structured in a way which allows it to be accessed by a number of different application programmes.

  • Database software allows data to be entered and stored in a structured way
  • Database management systems keep the data seperate from the programmes so it can be accesed using different software
  • Databases used by businesses and organisations are called relational databases

Flat-file systems

  • Computerised card box file
  • Single card used to store one record
  • Complete information about a product
  • Only contain one table of data
  • Unsuited where felxability is needed
  • Set up using a spreadsheet software 


  • Alot of duplicate data in the table
  • When a record is deleted a lot of data which can still be useful may be deleted

Difference between a flat-file and relational database

  • Relational database don't store all data in a single file or table 
  • Data


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