Data and Quality of Data

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  • Data and Quality of Data
    • Information
      • Information is calculated by the computer - sorted/ calculated, converted/ processed, organised in some way.
    • Data
      • Can be numbers, words, images, sound, videos. - raw facts and figures from surveys/ sensors e.g Bar codes - meaningless
    • Knowledge
      • Obtained from information by applying rules to it.
    • GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out)
      • If you enter incorrect data into a computer, then the output from the computer will be incorrect
    • Data can arise from:
      • The results of an experiment, automatic measurements from sensors - temp, rainfall pressure. A transition - buying a download from internet, from a survey
    • IIIIIIII - Bar code = Data
    • IIIIIIII - Bar code = Kellogg = Information
    • Cornflakes are the best selling cereal = Knowledge


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