ICT - Data and Information

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  • Data & Information
    • Data
      • - Raw facts and figures, just a set of chatacters
        • Example: 5, B, Louise Shelley
      • Processing Data
        • -Data is generally processed by a computer. The computer is programmed to provide the data with meaning; Information.
      • Quality of Data
        • -GIGO= Garbage In, Garbage Out.
          • -If you give good data you will get correct results
            • To have good quality data you must:
              • Make it fit for purpose
              • Have accurate data
              • Not have biased data
              • Have up to date data
    • Information
      • -A meaning to the date, knowing the context
        • Example: Five apples
    • Knowledge
      • -Applying rules to the information
        • Example: Five apples were solt


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