Dangers of Blind Obedience in a prison setting

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  • Dangers of blind obedience in a prison setting.
    • Theories and ideas
      • Social Identity Theory- categorizing, identification, comparing, prejudice, discrimination
        • Between gaurds and prisoners
        • Hitler-Nazi's and Jews
        • Abu Ghraib- USA soldiers and Iraqi prisoners.
      • Agency theory - agents of figure of aurthority- agentic state, moral strain.
        • Same as SIT
      • we've been brought up to obey figures of authority. teachers, police, employers.
    • Applications
      • Army  training- helped with their orders
      • Society- competing with each other.
      • Helps to explain traumatic events in the past.
    • Weaknesses
      • Although this makes USA soldiers 'innocent' in psychology, not in law
      • Takes responsibility away from person
    • Strengths
      • Ethics- removes human blame.
    • Milgram
      • Strenghts-65% obeyed experiments- higher authority
      • Weakness-In a lab- not ecologically valid.
    • Hofling
      • Weakness- Long time ago where it was frowned upon to disobey doctors.
      • Strength- Nurses went against professional training- like soldiers- and obeyed authority.


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