Nuclear Weapons - Dangerous?

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  • Nuclear Weapons
    • Stabilised
      • Provided the fear necessary for the superpowers to cooperate
      • Threat of war - had to respect sphere of influence
      • Only massive retaliation - deter any conflict
      • Leaders well aware of dangers - avoid
      • Knew the fragility of rationality - cooperate
      • Nash Equilibrium - neither would initiate conflict
      • MAD caused a rethink of strategy and of actions
      • MAD - if no-one could survive, no war
      • Nuclear holocaust - survival of humanity + states depended on no war
      • Used only to gain concessions- means of diplomacy
    • Dangerous
      • Sheer destructive power of the weapons
      • Brinkmanship proved very risky
      • Huge number of nukes each side pocessed
      • Put everyone on the battlefield
      • Few cases in history when weapons developed and not used
      • Barach Plan showed arms race would never be peacfeul
      • Misunderstanding at the other's reasoning
      • No way of committing the other to a limited war - would esculate
      • One man had the power to bring about complete distruction
      • Technology changed - human habit of violence hadn't


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