What were the consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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Consequences of Cuba
· Khrushchev perceived to have backed down, and was widely criticised,
including Mao. This led to his overthrow in 1964.
· Kennedy gave him a foreign policy success he had stood up to the Russians.
This resulted in gains for him the 1962 mid terms and proved that he could be
tough on communism.
· Development of alternative theories a success for Flexible Response and
demonstrated how crises could be handled without a nuclear war.
· Restrictions on future nuclear wars to limit nuclear warfare in the future Test
Ban Treaty in 1963(banning the testing of nuclear weapons above ground) and
Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty in 1968 (countries could not help other
countries to develop nuclear weapons).
· Hotline set up between Washington and Moscow a direct line of
communication between the two. First used in the Arab Israeli War in 1967
· Removal of nuclear weapons from Turkey (secretly) and Cuba
· HOWEVER, Cuba was still a Soviet ally in US backyard and the CIA
continued to try and destabilise Castro's regime (Operation Mongoose)
· Both also realised the dangers of nuclear war
· This realisation helped to lay the foundations of détente


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