Basic Grassland care

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  • Daily Grassland Checks
    • Fencing
      • Secure, report any broken areas
      • Post and rail, post and wire, electric fencing
      • Use electrical tester to check fencing is still working
      • Essential, needs to be checked daily- do not escape
    • Water
      • Fresh, constant and avaliable supply
      • Check automatic trough works- h20 is essential for life
      • During winter, must break ice and remove
    • Gate
      • Hangs proper, oepen and closes.
      • Needed for safe entry and exit
    • Shelter
      • In sound condition, provides shelter form inclement weather
      • Area should not be poached, large enough area to accomodate no of horses
    • Grazing
      • Not too sparse, not too much
        • Note state of grasses- Good grasses rye grasses, meadow fescue
      • Feed essential for life
    • Ground
      • Flat and not rutted
      • Not poached, especially crowded shelter or hay rack
    • Poisonous plants
      • Ragwort
      • Deadly nightshade
      • Foxglove


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