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description of a tapeworm

a tapeworm is a long, tape like worm. its body is divided into sections, each section containing eggs.

the head end is called the scolex, which the tapeworm uses to to attach itself to the intestinal lining of its host.

tapeworms are common in dogs, cats and rabbits

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transmission of a tapeworm

some species of tapeworm are zoonotic, so care should be taken when handling infected animals, especially when dealing with their faeces. gloves should be worn and safe disposal of faeces and gloves is important.

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signs and symptoms of tapeworms

  • bloated abdomen
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • weight loss
  • visible worm segments in faeces
  • anal irritation indicated by scooting
  • excessive licking around the anus
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prevention and treatment of a tapeworm

regular use of preventative treatments, such as treatments applied directly to skin/fur, tablets or liquids/pastes.

good hygiene of the animals environment

good ectoparasite control (fleas are part of the dog/cat taprworm lifecycle and mites play a role in rabbit tapeworm)

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