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  • Parasites.
    • Ectoparasites.
      • Fleas are small, six legged wingless insects that have specially adapted legs for jumping and specialised mouth parts for piercing skin and sucking blood from there host.The symptoms are scratching of the fur, patchy fur loss, thickening of the skin, flea dirt, red irritated skin, fleas may be visible and allergy to flea saliva.The prevention is to use flea treatments, washing of bedding and fur, vacuuming of carpet, and treatment of the enviroment.
      • Mites are small eight legged, wingless arachnid. Its a burrowing parasite that feeds on the skin of most mammals.This parasite is zoonotic, so you must be extra careful when handling infected animals. The symptoms are hair loss, scratching and crusty skin. There is no way to prevent mites on animals. The treatment is regular use of prevention treatments.
    • Endoparasite
      • Endoparasites are parasites found on the inside of the animal. There are a number pf endoparasites that affect animals.
      • A tapeworm is a long tape like worm with a body that is divided into sections witch contain eggs. The head end is called the scolex, witch the tapeworm uses to attach itself to the intestinal lining. Some species of tapeworm are zoonotic. The symptoms are bloating, vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss and worm segments in faeces. The prevention is regular use of preventive treatments, good hygiene and good ectoparasite control.


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