Cyclone Nargis Case Study

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  • Effects
    • Cyclone Nargis (Developing)
      • Specific Facts
        • Irrawaddy delta, Burma
        • 2nd May 2008
      • Causes/ Preparation
        • Despite this, the Burmese forecasters reported there was little or no risk
        • Indian and Thai weather agencies warned the Burmese Government about the cylone
        • There were no emergency evacuation plans
      • Responses
        • Long-Term
          • Half a million survivors are still living in temporary shelters
          • Fewer than 20,000 homes have been rebuilt
          • Burma is relying on international aid to repair the damage
    • Economic
      • 200,000 farm animals were killed
      • Over 40% of food stores were destroyed
      • Millions of people lost their livelihoods
      • There was a total of $4 billion of damage
    • Social
      • 450,000 houses were destroyed
      • 2-3 million people were made  homeless
      • 1700 schools were destroyed
      • More than 140,000 people died
    • Environmental
      • The salinity (salt content) of soil has increased due to the sea flooding
      • This makes it more difficult for plants to grow
  • Burma's Government initially refused to accept any foreign aid
    • Aid workers were only allowed in 3 weeks after the disaster occurred




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