Of Mice and Men - Curley

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  • Curley's attitude towards others
    • Speech
      • "Seen my old man?"
        • Possesive
      • "Let the big guy talk"
        • A sign to show he isn't scared
    • Appearance
      • "He wore a work glove on his left hand"
        • Untitled
      • "like the boss, he wore high-heeled boots."
        • Power Status
      • "tightly curled hair"
        • Tightly coiled spring ready to bounce
    • Body Language
      • "his elbows were still bent out a little"
        • Still feels the need to fight
      • "Curley lashed his body around"
        • A violent move
      • "Gingerly stepped close"
        • Suggests Caution
      • "Curley stared levelly at him"
        • Like a predator staring down prey


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