How does Steinbeck prepare you for the idea that the death of Curley’s wife is inevitable?

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Right from the outset of the novel ‘Of mice and men’, from when Curley’s wife first enters the room Steinbeck through the use of the description and other language techniques gives us the sense that the death of Curley’s wife is inevitable. Furthermore Steinbeck includes an invisible thread that has been woven through the novel making Curley’s wife’s death more inevitable.

If we study the title of then novel ‘Of mice and men’ we can see even that could link to how Curley’s wife death is inevitable. This is because, the title comes from the poet Robbie Burn’s poem about how mice and men are the same in which they both have their own plans, aspirations and dreams that can easily be spoilt. Steinbeck has named his novel ‘Of mice and men’ hinting at the fact that in the novel somebody’s dream is going to be interrupted, and in the novel Lennie and George’s dreams of owning their own farm and living off of the “fatta land” are interrupted by the death of Curley’s wife. Furthermore the title ‘Of mice and men’ begins and invisible thread of foreshadowing that makes the death of Curley’s wife inevitable.

Before arriving in Soledad Lennie and George reflect on their time in weed were they had to run from a mob of people ready to “lynch” Lennie after Lennie had been attracted to a ladies “purty” dress. This foreshadows what Lennie will do wrong in the


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