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  • Culture Bias
    • Definition
      • Only taking into account one culture and applying it to others
    • Emics
      • Ecological validity
      • Investigation of culture from within the culture
        • Behaviour specific to a single culture
          • Applied to only one culture
      • Likely to be ignored and misinterpreted by researchers from another culture
      • Differences between cultures
    • Etics
      • Applied to all cutures
        • Universal for all people
      • Similarities between cultures
      • Imposed Etic
        • Construct from one culture is applied wrongly to another
          • E.g. Facial expressions
    • Ethnocentrism
      • Evaluate others culture based on your own
      • Can lead to racism
        • E.g. regard traditions as irrelevant
    • Cultural Relativism
      • Regarding the culture's values (etc) from the viewpoint of that culture
      • Used to avoid ethnocentrism
    • Examples
      • Ainsworth's Strange Situation
        • Not appropriate for use outside US/UK as it is Western (ethnocentric)
      • IQ Testing
        • IQ tests from Western can't be used elsewhere
        • What counts as intelligence varies from cultures
    • Evaluation
      • Nobles: Western psychology has been used as a tool for opression
      • Equal opportunity legislation


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