Cultural influences on gender

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  • Cultural influences on gender roles
    • Helps us to  increase our understanding of the relative contributions of BIOLOGY and SOCIALISATION.
      • Research favours view that m are more aggressive and less empathetic. This puts emphasis on a biological or nature explanations of why m/w are different.
    • Cultural similarities
      • Studies show that every society has some division of labour and behaviour by gender.
      • In all societies w have the responsibility for children, but in no society is it on men - evidence for gender differences m are bread winners.
    • Williams and Best
      • Gender stereotypes in 30 different nations involving 2800 uni students. Given 300 item adjective checklist- whether it was associated with m/w.
      • Found there was a broad consensus across countries with m being seen as dominant and w nurturing- suggests there are universal gender stereotypes gender roles being biologically determined.
    • Buss
      • Study involved 10,000 people from 37 different cultures, m wanted mates younger both wanted intelligence and kindness.


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