Cross Cultural Research

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  • Cross Cultural Research
    • Deregowski
      • Mrs Donald Fraser
        • Taught health care to Africans, showed them a side profile of a self portrait - couldn't understand where the other eye was etc
      • Muldrow and Muldrow - Ethiopian tribe didn't respond to drawings of animals on paper, unfamiliar material - poor ability to make sense od 2D - recognised them on cloth
      • Cross cultural study, impossible pronged trident/devil's pitchfork
        • Pts asked to copy the image
        • Even people who were used to seeing 3D objects struggled to draw it
      • Evaluation
        • +VE: support the nurture side of the nature/nurture debate (differences between cultural groups)
        • -VE: cultural bias and ethnocentricity
        • -VE: many of the studies rely on self report
    • Hudson et al
      • Picture - elephant, antelope, man with spear
      • Spear aligned with antelope AND elephant (so it appears, but JUST antelope) - depth cues, object size etc
      • Individuals were asked 'what do you see?', 'what is the man doing?' etc
      • At the start of primary school, children had difficult perceiving the picture as 3D


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