Snaith/Cozy Apologia (15 marks)



Cozy Apologia is a poem about love.

Write about how the poet explores this theme (15 marks)

Cozy Apologia is centred on a relationship in a typical state of contentment. ‘Apologia’ denotes towards a written justification of one’s actions whilst the mundane opening highlights the realness and understanding of love. The concept ‘I could pick anything and think of you’ emphasizes the stable foundation of her relationship as Dove implies consistency; this line explores the idea that he is present everywhere in her life.

First person narrative is used affectively by Dove; the poet does not use an alternative persona therefore the content is personal to her. The author’s lines contain numerous mentions of stress syllables, which could highlight her wondering thoughts?  This would be sustained by “you, blue” “allow, brow”, “heart, apart”. Moreover, her poems were praised on separate occasions for melodious qualities as throughout her youthful upbringing she was a musician. An alternative interpretation could be that Dove’s repeated use of half rhyme conveys her own personal self-doubt.

In terms of mood there is a hint of reminiscence present in the second stanza. In the first instance, the weather evokes a memory of previous encounters as ‘a hurricane nudging up the coast’ reminds Dove of her past relationships. The aggressive nature of ‘a hurricane’ only brings destruction therefore this is the first mention of the possible tragedy surrounding love. Furthermore her reference to ‘Big Bad Floyd’ adds a…


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plz take a philosophical stand point and consider theseus ship paradox