Counter urbanisation - Cartmel

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  • Counter urbanisation Cartmel
    • The movement of people out of the city to rural areas beyond the city.
    • Background
      • Edge of the Lake District. Near M6. Population of 1800
    • Causes
      • High crime rate in the city
      • Elderly like to retire away from the city
      • Easy commute into the city
      • City is dirty/has litter problems
      • Pollution in the city
      • Can work via the internet
      • Increased ownership of private cars
    • Economic effects
      • Positive
        • 73% of households are wealthy so new services are provided for them. Creates more jobs and boosts local economy and tourism
      • Negative
        • House prices between £300,000 and £400,000. Only bought by people with a good income, turning away poorer people, young people and new families
    • Environmental effects
      • Positive
        • Old derelict buildings are turned into houses or businesses, adding to aesthetic value. Creates jobs and more places to live
      • Negative
        • Many residents commute via A590 so the journey can cause congestion and pollution, increasing commute times.
    • Social effects
      • Positive
        • Gone from an agricultural to residential/tourist village. locals travel to Kendal for cheaper produce. Local businesses less supported as products are too expensive. Increase in congestion and pollution
      • Negative
        • 37% of households over the age of 60 so services are needed. Local services will be provided, like buses, reducing congestion and pollution


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