Cosmological Argument criticisms

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  • Cosmological Argument Criticisms
    • Leibniz
      • The universe was caused
      • "The great principle of the cosmologicalargument is that nothing takes place without sufficient reason
      • There is not sufficient reason within the universe for its existence, the reason must be outside. Therefore it is logical to suggest this isGod
    • Hume
      • Does every event truly have a cause? We base this upon our assumptions and not on empirical concrete evidence
      • Fallacy of composition-just because contingent things within the universe have a cause does not mean the universe has a cause. There is a big leap between stating contingent beings have a cause to the universe having a cause
      • Even if we accept the CA, it does not tell us anything about God.
      • It is possible that the universe has always existed
    • Kalam argument/ William Craig
      • Everything that begins to exist has a cause of its existence
    • Copleston
      • Existence if a uniquely functioning predicate
      • If things are dependent there must be a necessary being to provide a reason for this dependency. God
      • As humans are contingent, it is logical for the whole universe to be contingent therefore there must be a necessary being
      • The reason for the worlds existence is either a necessary being or a chain of contingent beings.
        • Chain of contingent beings leads to infinite regression and so there is not a sufficient reasons
          • Therefore a necessary being must exist, God
    • Russell
      • The words necessary and contingent cannot be applied to things and do not add anything to the subject in question
      • There is no reason. The universe I'd "brute fact"
      • "Every man has a mother, therefore the human race has a mother" flawed argument


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