Corporate Objectives

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  • Corporate Objectives
    • Market Position- This could be the share of sales in a specific new or existing market or a growth rate for sales in a market
    • Innovation- This refers to the invention and development of new goods and services, as well as new processes and methods of producing and supplying products
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    • Financial Resources- these objectives could relate to the amount of capital available to a business and its sources and how it may be used
    • Physical Resources- this refers to the building land, equipment and technological resources available to the business
    • Human Resources- Objectives in this areas may relate to motivation or engagement among employees
    • Productivity
    • Social Responsibility- This is an area in which setting objectives has become more common as business shave responded more fully and openly to stakeholders needs
    • Profits- These objectives could relate to an overall level of profits or to profit measured against other factors such as revenue or the amount of capital invested
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