Coping with and reducing addictions

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  • Coping with and reducing addictions
    • Token Economy
      • Operant conditioning- positive reinforcement
      • reward given for desirable behaviour, which exchanged for something.
      • not actually  treating, more social control
      • Effective at producing socially desirable behaviour
    • Aversion therapy
      • Classical conditioning- negative association.
      • Given an  electric shock or an emetic this is to make the addictive behaviour nom longer enjoyable.
      • Unethical but effective at reducing addictive behaviour. High relapse rates
    • CBT
      • Covert sensitisation-visualise negative images with their behaviour. Idea is that they will associate.
      • Imaginal desensitisation- patient is taught relation techniques. Engage in impulse while relaxing. Impulsion and relaxation can not occur at the same time
      • very effective and cheap and simple to follow. Direction of causality (thought process or behaviour first). hard to establish a cause and effect


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