contraction of the skeletal muscle

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  • Contraction of the skeletal muscle
    • known as the sliding filament mechanism
      • evidence for this...
        • there is more overlap of actin and myosin in a contracted muscle than in a relaxed one.
        • when the muscle contracts, the following happens...
          • the i-band become narrower.
          • the z bands move closer together - the sacromere shortens.
          • the H-zone becomes narrower.
          • the A-band remains the samewidth and the width is determined by the length of the myosin filaments
    • proteins involved:
      • Myosin
        • made up of two types of proteins
          • a fibrous protein arranged into a filament made up of several hundred molecules.
          • a gobular protein formed into two bulbous structures at one end.
      • Actin
        • a gobular protein whos molecules are arranged into chains that are twisted around one another to form a helical structure.
      • Tyopomyosin
        • long thin threads woven around the actin filaments.
    • The sliding filament mechanism of muscle contraction


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