Contextual Topics in Othello

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  • Contextual Topics in Othello
    • The Venetian Empire before 1570 AD
      • Existed between 1206 and 1450 in all parts of Europe.
      • At points it was the most powerful military and economic state in Europe.
      • It was founded after a revolt against the Republic of Venice.
      • In 1224, Emperor Claudio extended the empire by seizing trade and land across Europe.
      • In 1412, the expansion of the empire was stopped due to pressure from the pope and uprisings in Finland and Tunisia.
      • By 1448 the empire land was forced to be sold because of the decline of its main ally, the Byzantine Empire.
      • In 1450 it became part of the Italian League.
      • 1463-79 First Ottoman-Venetian War
        • Resulted in the loss of Venetian land in Greece and  Albania.
      • 1499-1504 Second Venetian War
        • Ottoman won and gained land.
      • 1537-40 Third Ottoman-Venetian War
        • Resulted in the Ottoman Empire controlling the buffer zone between the Ottoman and Venetian territory.
    • The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus 1570-1571
      • Summer 1570, full scale invasion of Cyprus by the Turks.
      • 350-400 ships and 60,000 troops.
      • 20,000 died and women and children sold to be slaves.
      • After initial masacre a defence was put up that lasted until August 1571.
      • Cyprus was under the rule of the Venetian Empire.
      • Cyprus was under Ottoman control by the end of the invasion.
    • British Attitudes Towards Moors
      • Before Elizabethan era, England was home to thousands on Moors, living peacefully.
      • Elizabeth I arranged for Moors to be deported in 1596 and again in 1601.
      • The Queen's attitude towards Moors deepened the prejudice and violence against them.




this really is excellent, good platform to build and develop own ideas. 



Has some very good information but I think it's missing some aspects, such as the roles of women, influence of Christianity etc.

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